Ostrich leather holds many fascinating aspects you may not be aware of

Ostrich leather is a relatively rare type of leather due to the limited number of ostriches raised and the scarcity of their hides compared to traditional leather sources like cattle. The primary use of this leather type is often focused on the distinctive natural horn-like scales found on their legs. While some manufacturers use ostrich body leather for items such as bags and jackets, it is not as common as products made from ostrich leg leather such ostrich watch bands, ostrich leg wallets, etc.

What is ostrich leather?

Ostrich body leather: Comprising the body and thigh areas, ostriches are flightless birds with feathers, and the surface of their body leather typically features distinct nodules at the locations where feathers would be distributed. After tanning, these nodules become rigid and solid, creating a unique characteristic for the leather.

Ostrich body skin in a range colors

Ostrich body leather is robust, durable, and possesses a soft and supple texture, making it suitable for items like bags and jackets. The cost of a finished ostrich produc is often higher than that of common cattle leather products.

Ostrich leg leather: This refers to the leather from the knee down, with the tanner selecting the front side of the leg where large, evenly arranged scales are present. Ostrich leg leather has scales resembling those of crocodile leather, but it is softer and thinner. After tanning, the scales become even and glossy, enhancing the value of the leather.

Top quality ostrich leg skin in moss green

Is ostrich skin durable?

Many people wonder about the durability of Ostrich. Despite its thick, rigid, and dry characteristics, ostrich skin contains a special layer of fat that provides softness and sheen to the surface, preventing it from cracking. Consequently, the durability of ostrich skin is considered superior to that of traditional cattle leather. Additionally, ostrich skin has numerous pores, ensuring breathability and reducing the risk of mold.

When choosing and using products made from ostrich leather, aside from distinguishing between genuine and fake items, it’s essential to know how to properly care for them to prolong their lifespan.

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