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All you need to know about crocodile watch strap

Alligator and crocodile watch straps are much more expensive and sought after than other animal leather straps because there’s a limited number of animals and it takes a long time to grow them. In this article, let’s find out something you may not know about crocodile watch strap. A. Alligator vs Crocodile watch strap differences […]

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Exotic watch straps – Exploring the different types

When you buy something that uses animal skins, you’re buying authentic luxury. Each type is as unique as its wearer, with details and texture that admirers can’t help but touch, and exotic watch straps are not exception. What makes exotic watch straps desirable? Exotic skin is a type of leather that is not made from […]

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5 grades of leather watch straps

The leather watch straps are divided into 5 grades: Full grain, top grain, split grain, genuine and bonded leather. Each grade represents different attributes of the leather and can contribute to durability, wear-resistance, and how the leather feels next to your skin. Let’s find out the features of each grade in this article to help […]

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8 easy ways to identify genuine alligator watch strap

Alligator leather is rare, expensive and always sought after by watch lovers. Therefore, fake alligator leather products have been really popular in the market recently. Let’s find out 8 ways to spot a genuine alligator watch strap with B.A Handmade in the article below 1. By looking for irregular patterns on alligator watch strap One […]

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3 main materials of Patek Philippe watch bands

Patek Philippe watch bands come in all materials: suede, alligator leather, metal, and various composites of plastic. There are also differences in colour, pattern and design. Each material has its own beauty and character, and is appreciated for its aesthetic, trendy and fashionable features, which make Patek Philippe watches suitable for a variety of occasions. […]

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