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Ostrich leather holds many fascinating aspects you may not be aware of

Ostrich leather is a relatively rare type of leather due to the limited number of ostriches raised and the scarcity of their hides compared to traditional leather sources like cattle. The primary use of this leather type is often focused on the distinctive natural horn-like scales found on their legs. While some manufacturers use ostrich […]

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A complete guide to exotic watch bands

Exotic leathers only make up about 1% of all globally-traded leathers by animal type, which explains why every exotic leather product remains highly unique and valuable. In this article, we will show you the different varieties of exotic watch bands, and the right way to take care of these valuable accessories. A. Different types of […]

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Exotic watch straps – Exploring the different types

When you buy something that uses animal skins, you’re buying authentic luxury. Each type is as unique as its wearer, with details and texture that admirers can’t help but touch, and exotic watch straps are not exception. What makes exotic watch straps desirable? Exotic skin is a type of leather that is not made from […]

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How to take care of ostrich watch band

If leathers were career types, ostrich would be your fashionista. Ostrich is considered as high class leather, and has left its quill-laden mark on some of the world’s most trendy avenues. As you may have guessed, ostrich is tremendously popular in fashion, garnering an immediate cult following with trendy ostrich feather hats, sassy handbags, and […]

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All you need to know about ostrich watch strap

Ostrich leather, like alligator, snakeskin, crocodile, and stingray leather, is an exotic form of leather that attracts a lot of interest from exotic leather collectors. It has several very distinct characteristics that make it both appealing and desirable, but it can also be rather costly. Characteristics of ostrich leather Classification of ostrich leather straps Ostrich […]

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