If you are in need of replacing a Hublot watch strap, you should pay attention to the strap material, strap replacement address, and the steps to change the strap if you want to do it yourself. Let's find out more details with B.A Handmade in the article below.

5 easy steps to change Hublot leather strap

If you are in need of replacing a Hublot watch strap, you should pay attention to the strap material, strap replacement address, and the steps to change the strap if you want to do it yourself. Let’s find out more details with B.A Handmade in the article below.

Hublot is a luxury watch brand, a member of LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) Group. Hublot has always stood in the ranking of the most expensive watches in the world with a huge number of loyal customers. The demand for buying, selling and owning Hublot watches is quite high, leading to an increasing demand for Hublot leather strap. Hublot watch owners need to pay attention to the strap material, the suitability between the strap and the watch face, replacement steps, and a trusted replacement address so that you can keep the watch beautiful and durable.

Types of Hublot watch strap

The three most commonly used Hublot watch bands are metal, leather, and rubber strap. In particular, Hublot watch leather straps are always highly recommended for their aesthetics, durability and class. You should consider the pros and cons of each type of strap to choose the most suitable one.

Hublot metal strap

One of the most popular types of luxury watch straps is the metal bracelet. They are available in a variety of styles and materials to fit any individual’s preferences. The metal strap has a luxurious look. If you follow the style of a successful gentleman/lady, then you should consider the Hublot metal strap. The advantages of this material are high durability, waterproof, no odor during use, easy cleaning and maintenance.

However, the weight of the metal band is relatively high compared to the other two types of strap, which can also cause inconvenience if you want to wear it continuously. Additionally, they can be more vulnerable to scratches and stretching out over time. The design and color of the metal straps are also not too diverse and fashionable. If you love simplicity and don’t attach much importance to the color element, then metal one is the right choice for you.

Metal strap has a luxurious look but higher weight than the other two types of strap

Hublot leather strap

When watch trends shifted from pocket watches to wristwatches, the leather strap was one of the first luxury watch straps. Hublot leather straps are highly recommended for their aesthetics, long-term durability, and a variety of color and material choices. The leather materials used to produce watch straps are cowhide, alligator skin, goat skin, horse butt skin, ostrich skin, and iguana skin.

Genuine leather undergoes tanning and dyeing to achieve a certain degree of durability and vivid color while retaining its natural beauty. Hublot leather strap brings its owner a soft and comfortable feeling when wearing. Moreover, leather straps are now designed and manufactured with a variety of colors and sizes, and handmade unique leather straps help their owner express their own personality and class.

Hublot watch face combined with leather strap will create a luxurious and elegant whole, becoming a companion to help you shine in parties, meetings or contract signing sessions.

Hublot leather strap made from alligator skin is available in B.A Handmade Shop

Hublot rubber strap

The advantage of a rubber watch strap is that it is supple, waterproof, and easy to clean. Moreover, rubber material brings a dynamic look, so whether you’re going to the gym or participating in a deep-sea dive, a rubber strap is a smart choice. Besides, the color of the rubber strap  is very diverse, the price is not expensive so Hublot lovers can easily choose a favorite one. However, its robust design, on the other hand, makes it more informal and sporty. Rubber straps aren’t appropriate for dressier models or events.

If you’re bored with the way your luxury watch looks, changing the strap is a perfect solution. Whether your watch came with a stainless steel band, a two-tone band, or a leather band, swapping it out for a new one can completely transform your watch. If you’re considering whether or not to spend a lot of money on a new watch, changing the strap may change your mind otherwise. It will make you feel as if you have a brand new watch without the hefty price tag.

Hublot watch rubber strap

B.A Handmade – Premier quality Hublot watch straps provider in the US

B.A Handmade specializes in design, manufacture and supply of quality Hublot watch straps. All products are meticulously handcrafted or imported with clear origins. Sophisticated leather materials with neat lines are the advantages of watch straps at B.A Handmade.

You can choose the leather strap model HERE or request your own customized Hublot leather strap. Besides, when you buy a leather strap at B.A Handmade, you will get a free needle buckle and strap replacement tools.

Many customers have trusted and chosen Hublot leather straps in B.A Handmade.

How to change Hublot watches leather strap at home

If you can’t go to a Hublot strap replacement address, you can change the strap yourself at home with the following steps:

Step 1: Prepare tools:

  • A new set of watch strap
  • Specialty screwdrivers
  • Tool tray

Step 2: Place the face of your watch on a towel or cloth. Always work from the back because if your hand slips, scratches will be hidden. Use a specialty screwdriver to remove the screws fixed at the watch strap latch positions. Then place these screws in the prepared tool tray.

Step 3: Use a screwdriver to remove one end of the crossbar between the buckle and the strap to remove the watch buckle from the band. At this point, the watch face, watch strap and watch buckle are separated.

Step 4: Use the screwdriver and screws removed in step 2 to install the new strap, firmly fixed in positions. Do the reverse of step 2.

Step 5: Install the watch buckle on the strap by placing the crossbar in the buckle position and gently pressing one end of the spring until it is snug as it was.

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