6 easy steps to change Versace watch leather strap at home

Most people only consider changing their Versace watch leather strap when the one that came with their watch becomes damaged. However, don’t think you are stuck with the strap your watch came with until you are forced to change it. You can change your watch strap at home with just special tools. We are sure that it is just a simple task to transform its appearance and make it feel like a brand new timepiece. 

What is Versace?

Even if you’re not a dedicated vogue aficionado, the chances are you have probably heard about one of the most recognizable fashion brands in the world, Versace. Versace (or Gianni Versace S.r.l) is an Italian luxury fashion brand, founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. Since the 1978 foundation, the Italian label has become one of the leading brands in the world with a variety of choices from luxury clothes, shoes, bags, accessories,… for both men and women. Not one major fashion show goes without the presence of the newest Versace collections. It’s also one of the favorite brands among celebrities and sports stars.

Although they are designed in Milan, the process of manufacturing and assembling the timepieces takes place in Switzerland. That also relates to all movements used in Versace timekeepers. To meet the rigorous Swiss certification requirements, the craftsmanship behind all models needs to be of the highest standard. This is exactly why Versace hires only the country’s most experienced and talented watchmakers.

Versace is one of the most luxurious watch band in the world

How to change Versace watch leather strap at home

Without the assistance of a technician, you can change your Versace leather strap yourself at home with these 6 easy steps:

In order to follow these instructions adequately, the following equipment is necessary:

  • Replacement strap
  • Spring bar tool
  • Microfiber cloth or other soft pad
  • Barrier such as a piece of paper or other wide, flat bottomed desktop object (optional, but recommended)

Step 1: Preparing the space

Remove the Versace leather strap from your wrist and set the watch face-down on a clean microfiber cloth or other soft pad, with the strap pieces lying to the sides of the watch case.

Caution: Any dust or dirt on the cloth or soft pad will scratch the watch. Make sure the soft pad or cloth is clean.

Step 2: Removing the Strap

Removing the strap involves removing the spring bars, which releases the strap pieces from the watch case. The spring bar ends fit into small holes inside a pair of lugs on the watch case. A spring bar tool is a long, thin tool with a forked end which, by engaging and applying pressure to the flanges of the spring bar, compresses the spring bar so that it can be removed and installed.

Caution: Spring bars are spring loaded and may fly off the watch. Furthermore, due to their small size, they are easily misplaced.

  • With the strap unbuckled and the pieces lying to the left and right of the watch case, firmly grip the watch case with your non-dominant hand.
  • Holding the spring bar tool with your dominant hand like a pencil, position the fork end of the spring bar tool between one side of one of the strap pieces and the lug. Make sure that the fork end has purchase on the flanges of the spring bar end. Gently pry one end of the spring bar out of its lug hole and move it out from between the lugs. The strap piece will now be free from the watch case.
  • Pull the spring bar out through the hole in the end of the strap piece.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 for the remaining strap piece

Rotate the watch 180 degrees so that the other strap piece is in the same orientation as the one before. Repeat step 2.

Step 4: Installing the new strap

Installing the new Versace watch leather strap involves putting the spring bars into the replacement strap pieces and reinstalling the spring bars between the lugs. Since the spring bars expand when removed, they are wider than the width between the inside of the lugs. This step requires the spring bar to be compressed again in order to fit back between the lugs. The spring bar ends will then need to be placed into the small holes in the lugs to be completely installed. It is advisable to remember and visualize the lug hole’s position on the inside of the lugs because it will not be visible when installing the replacement strap. Generally, the short end of the strap with the buckle is attached to the 12 o’clock (top) side of the watch case, and the long end is attached to the 6 o’clock (bottom) side of the watch case. This positions the buckle in a comfortable spot on the wrist and makes putting on and taking off the watch easier. However, the strap ends can be placed according to user preference.

Caution: This step poses an increased risk of losing a spring bar because the spring bar tool may slip off of the spring bar as it is being compressed, or the spring bar may slip out from between the lugs during placement; both scenarios cause the spring bar to fly off. Make sure your spring bar barrier is in place.

  • Insert a spring bar into one of the replacement strap pieces. The spring bars ought to protrude equally from both sides of the strap.
  • With the spring bar inserted into the replacement strap piece, loosely insert one protruding end of the spring bar into one of the lug holes and rest the other protruding end of the spring bar on top of the opposite lug.
  • Using the spring bar tool, compress the spring bar and lower the end into the inside of the lug, aiming for the lug hole. If the spring bar does not snap into the lug hole, proceed to the next step.
  • If the spring bar does snap into the lug hole, skip the next step and go to Step 5. If the spring bar did not snap into the lug hole and did not fly off, it is pressed against the inside of the lug. Put down the spring bar and carefully move the strap around (which moves the spring bar with it) to try to “find” the lug hole. Listen for a click that signals that the spring bar end has snapped into the lug hole.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 for the remaining strap piece

Rotate the watch 180 degrees so that the other strap piece will be in the same orientation during installation as the last one. Repeat step 4.

Step 6: Final clean

Finally, pick up the watch with the new Versace watch leather strap and wipe away any smudges on the watch face with a microfiber cloth or other soft cloth.

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