How to spot a real Patek Philippe watch strap

Patek Philippe is one of the most luxurious Swiss watch brands in the world. It may be difficult to spot a fake Patek Philippe strap, and in the end, may require a recognized watchmaker to open it up and check inside.  But in the meantime, here are a few crucial things to keep an eye out for โ€” and don’t forget to bring a loupe.

How to spot a real Patek Philippe watch strap


  • Genuine Patek Philippe bracelets come in 18k gold and platinum with straps in leather, stain, or an unique composite material (exclusively for the Aquanaut).
  • A model number specific to the watch’s series is printed on the bracelet. 
  • The Calatrava Cross and Patek Philippe logo are printed on the inside of genuine Patek Philippe straps.
  • The Patek Philippe logo and their respective metals are printed on the buckles.
  • All deployment clasps feature the Calatrava Cross.
  • Patek Philippe leather straps are meticulously designed with a multi-stage process, rigorously tested. Therefore, if you see defects such as glue leaks, or misaligned needle lines, it is not a genuine watch band.
  • If your Patek Philippe watch strap is alligator skin, you can check the patterns on it. The real alligator leather does not have a perfect pattern and the scales are not perfectly proportioned. Real exotic skins always  have imperfections. The patterns are not completely uniform. Look for varying scale shapes and sizes to identify real alligator skin. Patterns should vary within a product and between products, so no two real alligator items ever look exactly the same.


  • All movements have superb hand-finishing with crisp engravings.
  • Depending on the watchโ€™s age, the movement will be adorned with the Geneva Seal or Patek Philippe Seal. As of 2009, Patek Philippe announced that their watches would exclusively feature their own branded seal. 

B.A Handmade – Premier quality Patek Philippe strap provider in the US

B.A Handmade is an address specializing in the production of high-quality handmade leather watch straps. The products at B.A Handmade are meticulously designed and crafted, made entirely by hand, with carefully selected and imported materials.

We use high quality full-grain leather

Almost all of our Patek Philippe watch straps are made from this type of leather. As you may know, full-grain leather is the leather with the highest quality available nowadays. Unlike the other grains, full grain has not been separated from the top grain or split layers, and is therefore the strongest and most dependable type of leather.

Moreover, you can choose from a variety of leather types: From cowhide, alligator skin, goat skin, horse butt skin, ostrich skin, etc. In which, cowhide and alligator skin are the two most sought after skin types.

Cowhide is a high quality material with reasonable price. Skin pores are evenly distributed. Good wear resistance, durability, and toughness make cowhide the most commonly used in the production of fashion items, especially in the production of watch bands. Cowhide has the characteristic that the longer it is used, the softer it becomes. Besides, users will definitely feel comfortable with the strap because when worn, the strap hugs the wrist but does not cause a feeling of constriction. The gloss of genuine cowhide watch straps is proportional to the time of use, that is, the longer it is used, the more it is glossier.

Cowhide leather strap at B.A Handmade

Alligator skin is the most expensive and sought-after leather in the world. It is very durable and does not scratch even with great friction. The prominent and sharp scalloped textures on the leather surface make the products made from alligator unique. The ridges of each alligator are not overlapping, which creates diversity and uniqueness for products. You will never find two alligator leather straps that are exactly the same. 

Usually, alligator leather watch straps are made from belly skin or back leather. The belly of the alligator is the softest and has the best texture. The lines of the leather are clear and have really good looking patterns and products made from the belly of the crocodile are usually priced at the top. The back of the skin is commonly used to make wallets and even watch straps. The hornbacks of the crocodile can be seen on the product which gives a unique characteristic for using this part of the crocodile. This part of the skin is really hard and you typically feel the stiffness when used in a wallet or strap. Many independent small leather goods makers such as watch straps usually include the hornback on the strap and it elevates the whole look.

Alligator leather strap at B.A Handmade

We creates unique and strange handmade leather straps

Handmade straps are the first choice when users want to change Patek Philippe watch leather straps. Patek Philippe watch straps at B.A Handmade are handmade, without the use of machines, ensuring meticulousness and sharpness in every smallest detail. The aesthetics and durability of handmade straps are always appreciated by users. Moreover, their unique beauty  is different from those of mass-produced bands, which will help add value to your watchs.

You can choose a Patel Philippe watch strap HERE or request your own customized leather strap with a personal mark to express their own style. B.A’s experienced craftsmen will suggest and refine your ideas to ensure the product is as aesthetically pleasing and durable as possible.

Attractive policy for our dear customers

When buying a leather strap at B.A Handmade, you will get a free needle buckle and strap replacement tools. We also provide detailed instructions on how to change the leather strap, bringing convenience to customers who are far away and wish to change their own straps at home.

B.A Handmade offers free name and logo engraving at the request of customers. We believe that a leather watch strap with individual imprints will be a meaningful gift keeping memorable moments for our dear customers.

Handmade watch bands at B.A Handmade are warranted for 1 year and serviced for life. Customers can bring the strap to B.A Handmade to increase the life of the product. B.A Handmade warrants all product defects, including user errors.

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