Top 3 best Apple watch bands for working out in 2022

Although your Apple Watch is water resistant to some extent, this may not be the case with all Apple Watch straps. When natural materials, such as leather, are exposed to sweaty wrists, they may deteriorate much faster. And when it comes to a workout, metal watch straps may not be the most comfortable.

The best Apple Watch bands for working out are also determined by the type of activity you engage in. A band that can handle all the sweat without being uncomfortable is essential for a high-intensity workout. Moreover, trekking activities may need a durable strap that can withstand a few scratches.

We’ll show you the best Apple Watch bands for working out in this article. We also answer some of the most often asked questions concerning different watch straps and whether or not they are suitable for working out. You can also learn what to look for when purchasing a new watch band for your sporting activities.

1. Apple Sport Band 

Apple Sport Band


  • Multiple color options
  • Smooth fluoroelastomer material that is comfortable on the skin
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Pin and tuck approach for a better fit.
  • Elegant and simple design


  • Not many sizes are available. This band is adjustable, but some wrists inconveniently fall in between two adjustment holes. 
  • Costly as compared to other options.

One of the best Apple watch bands for working out is Apple Sport Band. It is the classic accessory for any Apple watch with a wide variety of colors available. 

It is manufactured with a high-quality fluoroelastomer that ensures top performance during heavy workouts. It comes with pin and tuck attachment options as compared to the conventional buckle approach. 

With dimensions of 11.5 x 2.91 x 0.47 inches, it can be adjusted to either small/medium or medium/large sizes. This particular product is compatible with Apple watches of 42mm and 44mm models. 

2. Apple Watch Sport Loop

Apple Watch Sport Loop


  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Breathable material
  • One size fits most design
  • Many colors options are available


  • Not cost-efficient
  • The threading can be off-putting to some people
  • Becoming discolored with lots of sweat and can’t be easily cleaned

The Apple sport loop band is also one of the best Apple watch bands for working out. It is a simple accessory specifically designed for comfort and durability. 

It has double-layered nylon weaving on the skin side with a hot-formed stretchable fastener on the other side. This format makes it comfortable and breathable during workouts and keeps your wrist sweat-free. That said, the hard exterior makes it durable for use. 

It has dimensions of 11.5 x 2.91 x 0.47 inches and can be used with 38mm and 40mm Apple watch models. 

3. Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop Band


  • Breathable material
  • Light, airy and very comfortable
  • Attractive design with a lot more style and visual appeal compared to Sport Loop


  • High price (nearly $100 in official Apple store)
  • Get dirty more easily (compared to Apple watch sport band)
  • Stretch out over time
  • Not one-size-fits-all. It does mean you have to buy your exact size.

Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop Band is also in our list of best Apple watch bands for working out. These bands are made out of polyester yarn braided around silicone thread. They are more breathable than the liquid silicone rubber and have a unique look as well as texture. Compared to the solid, pore-less Apple Sport Band, the Braided Solo Loop solves one major problem for me: breathability. Gone are the days of clammy wrists under my watch, now your skin can breathe.  

The design definitely has other, equally attractive features that compare better against the Sport Band as well. It’s flexible and stretchy, which also lends more to a relaxed fit. It’s also washable and dries out fast.

The Braided Solo Loop is not without some drawbacks. Unlike a silicone alternative, the Braided Loop can get dirty more easily. It’s an unavoidable truth, but at very least, you can wash it out with some dish soap. The biggest design flaw of  Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop Band is the band’s tendency to stretch out over time. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Apple Watch Bands for Working out

1.  Is it necessary for me to get an authentic Apple band for my Apple Watch?

Although the Apple Store has a lot of watch band choices, you don’t have to buy yours there. Apple watch bands are available from a variety of third-party producers in a variety of styles. All you have to do is make sure that the band you choose is compatible with your watch.

All the sellers mention their product’s compatible watch series in the product description. It will not fit and fix properly if you choose something that is incompatible with your watch. So make sure to check the compatible devices carefully, and you can purchase your watch band from any firm or retailer.

2. Can I wear my Apple Watch with leather bands while working out? Is sweat damaging my smartwatch’s leather straps?

While leather is attractive, it is not suitable for use in a steamy environment such as a gym. Leather is a natural material that degrades more quickly when exposed to liquids, extreme temperatures, and other factors. Furthermore, the salt in your sweat might speed up the deterioration of your leather straps and bands, taking away their charms.

3. Can I work out with stainless steel straps? Is it possible to exercise while wearing my Milanese Loop or Link Bracelet?

Stainless steel straps will always be a fashionable and practical option due to the material’s endurance. They may look gorgeous at an evening party or in a business meeting, but they may not be suitable for a workout.

Apple says that its stainless steel Apple Watch bands are not water-resistant, implying that they would not withstand sweat well. While stainless steel watches can be worn while working out in general, the salts and chemicals in sweat might potentially damage them.

Furthermore, in comparison to workout-oriented straps like the Nike Sport Band, their bulkiness makes them more of an annoyance.

4. How do I take care of my Apple Watch band or strap? Is it necessary to clean my Apple Watch straps after a workout?

Whether you work out in the humid and sweaty environment of a gym or go for a run in pristine nature, cleaning your device and accessories is important. In general, you should gently wipe the surfaces with a non-abrasive, soft microfibre cloth.

If your strap or band is quite dirty, you will need to use the appropriate cleaning methods to deal with it. You can learn more in our blog about cleaning tips and tricks for your Apple Watch bands and straps. And if you need some good cleaning products, check out our hygiene and cleaning products

5. What should my selection criteria be for buying Apple Watch straps for workouts?

Apart from personal style, we recommend you buy the strap or band based on the activity you indulge in. Activities like meditation and gentle exercises like Tai Chi do not result in much sweat. Hence, you do not have to limit your choices.

However, for vigorous training-based workouts, make sure your choice meets most of the following features

  • The strap or band offers a comfortable fit.
  • The material is either breathable or wicks off moisture.
  • The metal elements of the strap or band are not prone to rust.
  • The strap or band dries off quickly.

For more aggressive workouts or activities like MMA, getting a two-in-one protective strap along with a screen protector for your Apple Watch is the best choice. In addition to all the above suggestions, we highly recommend that you check the material to ensure you are not allergic to it.

6. How can I select the right Apple Watch band or strap size?

The watch strap should not be excessively tight or too loose during workouts.  An improper fit can not only be uncomfortable and inconvenient but can also cause skin irritations.

Ideally, you should use a tailor’s soft tape measure to get the exact measurements. Wrap the tape around your wrist snuggly without it being too tight or loose. Take the measurement and round it up by half a centimeter.

But if a tape measure is unavailable; you could try using a piece of string or tape and a ruler to get the measurement. Wrap the string around your wrist, as previously mentioned. Cut or mark the measurement, and then lay the string flat next to the ruler to get your size.

Use the measurement to select the band or strap. We also suggest that you check the sizes when you are buying the same band style in a different color. Since some strap colors are catered towards women, the sizing may vary.

Another thing to consider is the Apple Watch case sizes. Remember to check out the compatibility of the strap with your Apple Watch model before making the decision.

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